12 New features Google will add to your Android smartphone in 2021

Google has declared the Android 12 operating mode– the next big Android version– at Google I/O 2021. The beta version of the OS is possible for phones of 11 brands including Vivo, OnePlus, Oppo, OnePlus, Pixel and others.


Newest Features of Android 12 OS: –

The new Android 12 version tries to offer a unique color theme with fast app loading times, better privacy features, and more. Here are the 12 biggest features coming to your Android phone this year.

Android 12 makes the phone run faster and it will save battery: –

  • Android 12 devices will be Smooth and more active with better power performance.
  • Google has decreased the CPU time wanted for core system services by up to 22% and decreased the advantage of big cores by the system server by up to 15% in Android 12

Android 12 begins with a new Privacy Dashboard to provide you added control above apps: –

  • There’s a different Privacy Dashboard that gives a single view into your recognition settings as well as what data is being located,
  • how often and by which apps.
  • It also allows you easily recall app permissions directly from the dashboard.

​A unique indicator to alert you the next an app uses one camera and microphone: –

  • There’s a unique indicator to that top right of the status bar to let you understand when any of the apps are obtaining your microphone or camera.
  • if you need to remove app way to these sensors for the whole system, you can simply take it in Quick Settings.
  • Android 12 will begin with a remote app to let you control smart TVs from your phone Using Android
  • TVs will be clearer as Google has combined remote support on Android phones.

​Better Wi-Fi sharing with Nearby button: –

In Android 12, you can share a Wi-Fi connection with your phone by giving a QR code which you find in the “Nearby” button.

Android 12 performs it easier to do large phones with One-handed mode: –

Android 12 begins with a dedicated One-handed mode that lets you use big phones easily with one hand.

​Long pressing the power button initiates Google Assistant on Pixel phones: –

You can now long-press the power button to invoke Assistant to make a phone call, open apps, ask questions or read clearly text-heavy articles.

Your Android phone will get a fresh look with Material You interface design in Android 12: –

  • Android 12 operating system will completely change the appearance of the Android phone with the new Material You UI
  • The interface comes with new color choices, animations, tile designs, and more.

​You can now give an approximate location to apps instead of an accurate location: –

  • Android 12 also gives more control over how much location information you share with apps.
  • new approximate location permissions, apps can be restricted to seeing just your approximate location instead of a specific one. For example, weather apps don’t need your exact location to offer an accurate forecast.

With color extraction, your phone will adjust to color shades automatically: –

  • Behind Light and Dark mode, Google is making Android phones look more special with the kind of wallpaper you use.
  • Android 12 on Pixel devices, you will be able to fully personalize your phone with a custom color palette and redesigned widgets.
  • With call color extraction, you choose your wallpaper, and the system automatically settles which colors are imperative, which ones are equivalent, and which ones just look great.
  • It then applies those colors over the complete OS: the notification shade, the lock screen, the volume controls, new widgets, and more.

Android 12 quick tiles are larger and give more information: –

  • When you pull down the notification shade, you will see larger rectangular icons with rounded edges rather than round icons.
  • this you can do more actions on the notification area itself without having to visit the settings menu. If you want to go to the detailed settings page, just long-press any of the icons.

Android 12 comes with Private Compute Core that holds audio and language information on your device: –

Android 12 comes with Private Compute Core. Private Compute Core allows features like Live Caption, Now Playing, and Smart Reply. All the audio and language processing happens on-device, isolated from the network to protect your privacy.

Backup as many photos as you can do before June 1: –

As the new policy comes into impact on June 1, till then all high-quality pictures get unlimited storage. This means that you can add as many high-quality images as you want to Google Photos before June 1 and that it won’t affect your Google account storage.

Convert existing original quality to high quality: –

  • Google currently enables users to upload and backup images in two versions — high quality and original quality. For ‘high-quality’ photos, Google resizes photos more extensive than 16MP to 16MP to save space.
  • So far, ‘high-quality’ images are not counted in the user’s 15GB free storage quota.
  • In case you have not changed your ‘original quality images to high quality, it’s time to do the same for two reasons: one to space; two, to ensure it is not counted in your 15GB free storage.

Here’s how you can do it

  1. (Remove all duplicate/blurred photos and the ones you don’t really require): Take a good look at your Google Photos library and remove all duplicate and blurred images and the ones you think are not important.
  2. (Clean unwanted files from Google Drive and Gmail): Once the new storage policy comes into force from June 1, users’ high-quality photos too will be counted for in their quota of 15GB free storage. And for 15GB is shared over Google Drive and Gmail, it makes sense to apply these services and get rid of the files and emails that you no longer require.
  • (Maybe create another Gmail account and back up all photos separately):
  • In case there is also much data to look at and clean, a fast escape could be to build a separate Gmail account and need a backup for Photos on that account.
  • Since you have created it especially for photos, you will not have to stress about running out of storage due to Gmail and Google Drive files. But, this step is only useful till you don’t consume the new 15GB storage too.
  1. (If you have a phone including large internal storage, submit your photos there):
  • In case you are using a phone with a big internal storage capacity, say 256GB or 512GB, move your photos there.
  • This in case you don’t want to reduce your dependence on Google Photos as you can choose to keep pictures on your smart
  1. (iPhone users can move their photos to iCloud):
  • Apple iPhone users must the option to move their photos to iCloud. They can take Apple One subscription, which is a bundled offering, or just take extra iCloud storage.
  • The plans start at Rs 75 per month and offer 50GB

Note: Some of the features are available only on Google Pixel phones and will arrive later this year.

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