Five iOS and Android Apps to Monitor Blood Oxygen Levels

5 ios and android apps to monitor blood oxygen levels

Tackling the Covid epidemic stays a big difficulty in the Republic of India despite determining cases that persevere to shrink.


Apps to Track Blood Oxygen Levels

  • Several experts fear the brewing arrival of the 3rd wave of the pandemic, and hence, the group carries on to panic-buy medical provides to make sure their family’s safety.
  • Several local pharmacies and stores across the state are additionally expiring of oximeters that stay a crucial instrument for monitoring and tracking SpO2.
  • However, there’re several apps on Google Play and Apple App Store for free that claim to offer the same functionality, without any additional tools.
  • More importantly of these apps claim to use the same principles of photoplethysmography or PPG that lets detecting volumetric variations of blood circulation by utilizing a light source.
  • In this case, the app utilizes the phone’s flashlight and camera rather than infrared light in an oximeter to degree Spo2 levels.
  • Typically, a Covid determined patient must make sure SpO2 levels above 95 percent, and anything below must need urgent medical attention.

Here some apps for life productivity:

No Oximeter? Don’t Worry, This App Will Track Your Blood Oxygen Be straight with Phone Flashlight

CarePlix Vitals:

  • The app by Kolkata-based startup Care Now Healthcare is accessible to download for free on both Apple Store and Google Play.
  • It needs users’ email ID for registration. During our trials, we compared the app results with two different oximeters procured from a local medical store.
  • The app showed fairly correct results during each test. It utilizes the phone’s rear flashlight to detect SpO2


  • Maine app for Android that allows users to associate with a doctor online. The app additionally allows you notebook other medical services that as domestic testing,
  • medicine delivery. The app comes with an integrated Spo2 checker, which is still in beta, meaning the firm is enhancing the tech.
  • It additionally utilizes the phone’s camera and flashlight to function. The results were shut to the ones we found via the local oximeters.

Blood Oxygen:

This App Will Track Your Blood Oxygen Be straight with Phone Flashlight

  • The Blood Oxygen app is available on Apple App Store that claims to monitor blood oxygen levels furthermore heart rate.
  • For SpO2 monitoring, the app asks users to check breathing samples via start/stop functionality.
  • There’s no registration process, and users can use it directly. Following the breathing test, it delivers a range that can be indistinct for users.
  • The app must be utilized for personalized references only

Pulse Oximeter Tracker:

  • the Pulse Oximeter Tracker Android app simply allows users to track SpO2 levels from the oximeter. With more than 1 lakh downloads,
  • It intends that the app does not let users monitor oxygen levels, but only keeps track of commonly recorded data.
  • Users have what is more information to the platform manually that can be watched in a neat, statistical view.


  • Similar to Pulse Oximeter Tracker, the Ezvitals app allows users memoir databases from an oximeter for coming day’s references.
  • The app is accessible to download for free via both Google and Apple app stores, and it lets users share health databases with the healthcare provider.
  • The application at present supports Wellie and Viator Pulse Oximeter device. The firm says the platform must not be utilized for emergencies.

Warning: –

Readers must note that the use of such apps does not qualify for medical purposes, and you must refer a doctor if you have tested determined for COVID-19.

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