Best note-taking apps for Android 2021

best note-taking apps for android 2021

Notes. Taking notes. Asking to them later. Forgetting that you wrote something down already. Dumping things out of your brain to clear up several spaces. So we’ve drummed down the list


These are the best note-taking apps for Android

1. Google Keep:

Google Keep has been around since 2013, and it continues to be one of the more importantly useful apps you can download.

  • There’s an app for just about any platform, and if not, you can just use the web customer. From jotting down your market list to production a to-do list or defending articles from terror, later on, Google Keep is the final note-taking app.
  • It’s hard to put into words just how useful Google Keep can be, as many folks haven’t even heard of this Google app.
  • Having everything you need in a single region — from note-taking to building a mission list or protecting links — can really support your mental wellbeing. Keep one of the best note-taking software, but it’s one of the best Android apps that we have ever seen.
  • And of course, you’ll have the simple combination with other Google services, so you can export notes from Keep into something love Google Docs.
  • if you desire to use it as a to-do app, you can do that too and will be able to set timed or region reminders so you never forget what’s on your docket for any delivered day. Oh, and the best part? It’s totally free.

2. Microsoft OneNote:

It’s clear that Microsoft has seen it has something grand on its hands with OneNote.

  • The firm continues to push common updates to the app, improving the functionality and adding options on a common basis.
  • It’s a little less customary compared to other note-taking apps. It utilizes the “block notes” system, which intends but of your area your cursor, you can just begin typing, and then can plod those around within the notice that you’re using.
  • OneNote lets for the foundation of diverse notebooks, which can really assist with organization, which can be a pain. It even allows you to go a few layers deep if you require it to. The app is additionally available on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, so you’ll forever have your notes by your side.
  • And those who use something love an iPad or one of the best Chromebooks will like the aptitude to I have to say edit a copy notes. Handwritten notes may seem to love a thing of the past, but you can additionally import PDFs and Label them up, or just launch up a new sheet and begin writing.
  • Plus, it uses Microsoft’s OneDrive for storage, providing automatic backups whenever you catch a new note.

3. Notion:

Where does one start when it comes to talking about Notion? It’s so much over a classic note-taking app. Seek Opinion on YouTube,

  • you’ll locate tons of videos describing how creators and experts are using it to run businesses. You can just use Fear as a basic note-taking app on the best Android phones, but the truth is that it’s far more important than that.
  • Even those who are more well-versed in Opinion than me haven’t arrived at the limits of what Apprehension can do. Several templates can be used to build diverse workspaces, you can add calendars and widgets, build dashboards for a summary of your notes or tasks, and so much more.
  • Recently, the firm opened up its beta program for Capture API, letting you associate it with diverse tools love Google Calendar or Zapier for automation. As it stands now, the API integrations are in there before time days, but this could be an immense game-changer in the future.
  • The notion isn’t just a note-taking app. It can additionally be utilized to build statistics bases, administer complex projects, and so much more.


  • Evernote is more light software for note. more than time, the firm continued to make unsound construct changes, and even added by a tag hike for its subscriptions, forcing numerous users to gaze away to store their notes.
  • Evernote is still hanging around, and it’s still a grand choice for those wanting a digital notebook in their hands. In case you’re trying to way things out, attract several designs, or use it to store pictures, videos, or even audio,
  • Evernote best note-taking apps ever. Evernote is free to download, but you’ll yes desire to check out the premium projects that offer a little more functionality.


  • This continues to be an app that receives quickly installed when installing a touchscreen Chromebook due to its usefulness and versatility.
  • The app is perfectly optimized for pen input and composed you feel the love you’re I have to say typing on notes rather than typing on a plate of glass.
  • Part of this is happiness to how it keeps track of the weight being utilized when I have to say writing.
  • This supplies a composed typing encounter across the board. Plus, you can alternate between diverse “paper” sizes, or decide on a long canvas if you desire one large scratchpad.


  • Simplenote is one of those more native apps (exactly), but its spot-on power is in how it doesn’t try to do too much. The app is accessible on all of your celebrated platforms, and you can organize the notes with the support of folders or tags.
  • It’s totally free to download, and that adds the capacity to keep your notes backed up more than the cloud and share notes without paying anything extra.
  • Like Bundled Notes, Simplenote is grand for those who prefer in Markdown, but you can catch notes love “normal” if that’s your pace.
  • Possibly the best thing about Simplenote is derived from its name, as it supplies a distraction-free workspace which is rather useful for those who require to sit down and get several typing done.

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