Google Assistant adds ‘Apps’ settings menu for Android

google assistant adds apps settings menu for android

Google composed a big push to add and let you control Android apps with Assistant. That guide should persevere at I/O next week. and ahead of that. there’s a new Google Assistant “Your apps” settings menu.


Google Add Some Unique Feature

Let your Assistant Gather in this regard app. Get a more personalized encounter by letting your Assistant get into use and Gather in this regard app’s usage data.

Backside in October:

Available at the extremely base of the Google Assistant settings list. this new menu allows you “manage how your Assistant works with installed apps.” any app that seems to list two preferences. though the one for Chrome is specifically aware of its status as a browser.

Let your Assistant pick up this app

When you request anything this app can do. your Assistant can send yours save to this app. although you don’t say the app’s name.

The features are enabled by default for any app that seems here. while Google at the base of the list links to the Shortcuts foundation page.

Along with Chrome. the only other first-party Google app to illustrate up now is Snapseed. which hasn’t been updated in ages.

Google Assistant Your apps settings

It’s unclear what the “personalized experience” I have to say sees like. while the 2nd is relatively more straightforward. This functionality has probably been enabled since the open of Shortcuts. and Google is only now delivering users this granular feature to disable.

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Android requirement

To use Google Assistant. you’ll require a contrivance with:

  • Android 5.0+ with at fewest 1.0GB of accessible memory or
  • Android 6.0+ with at fewest 1.5GB of accessible memory
  • Google app 6.13andhigher
  • Google Play services
  • 720pandhigher screen resolution
  • The device’s language set to a language listed above

Language support

On Android devices. the Google Assistant is accessible in Arabic. Bengali. Chinese (Simplified). Chinese. Portuguese (Brazil). Portuguese (Portugal). Russian. (Traditional). Danish. Dutch. English. French. German. Gujarati. Hindi. Indonesian. Italian. Japanese. Kannada. Korean. Malayalam. Marathi. Norwegian. Polish. Spanish. Swedish. Tamil. Telugu. Thai. Turkish. Urdu. and Vietnamese. More languages coming soon.

How to Begin a conversation

On your device. touch and hold the Home button and say “Hey Google.”. you’ll be asked to twist it on. the Google Assistant is off.

Ask an ask and say a command.

  • Tip: On the devices running Android 8.0 and up.
  • you have talked to this Google Assistant.
  • if your plans locked by saying “Hey Google.”.
  • Discover how to control what databases display on your lock screen.

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