Google to remove Android apps with misleading names, graphics from the Play Store

google to remove android apps with misleading names graphics

Google has declared new guidelines for Play Store apps, and as specified by these, apps will no longer be qualified to bring headlines or preview assets that misrepresent their purpose or use.

New Play Store guidelines by Google.

  • The policies will save Play Store users from apps that misrepresent information.
  • The updated policies will not allow any app with following the protocols going forward.
  • Google has declared new guidelines on the app available at the Play Store.
  • The newly created policies aim to remove any misleading databases imparted employing an app listing to the Play Store users.
  • Policy changes do focused on the databases connected with an app, adding the app title, its icon beside the title of the developer.
  • The guidelines identify these as the “most necessary discovery elements” for apps on Play Store.

New Play Store app titles

  1. Starting with app titles, Google explains that it may not let specific indications of rankings and promotions on the names of the app going forward.
  2. This adds the current practice of identifying an app as “#1 on Play Store” or “top app” or even promotional indicators love “free” or “sale.”
  3. AI: In addition, Play Store apps not be provided to become misleading elements in the title. An example of this may move understood while apps showing “download now” in the title.
  4. The use of CAPS is immaterial special characters, or emojis will additionally be prevented unless the exact forename of the app calls for it, love that of PUBG.
  5. Google will additionally restrain the length of app headlines to 30 characters.
  6. Some Play Store apps may be seen with misleading preview assets, which are, in fact, imagined to supply a correct depiction of the app and its functionality.
  7. These preview assets add screenshots, trailers, and more databases of the app supplied on the app sheet on the Play Store.

Under its new guidelines, as stated by Google that it will crackdown on apps that don’t succeed these protocols.

Violations rules:

  1. Add the depiction of performance indicators or promotional words love “free” or “sale” in the preview assets.
  2. It will additionally apply to misrepresentation of the app or it operates moreover a lack of databases supplied utilizing these assets.
  3. Google will additionally check if these preview assets are localized correctly and are simple to terror or not.
  4. Any app found to be violating these guidelines will be excluded for “promotion and recommendation on Major Google Play surfaces” beginning in the 2nd half of 2021.

In short, these apps may negatively be allowed to exist on Google Play Store in the next to future. Google will supply more updates on these guidelines at a later date.

FAQ About Google Play:-

What is not permitted Google Play?

  • We don’t let apps that promote violence or encourage hatred against individuals or groups as said by chase or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, ingenious status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or
  • any other characters so that connected with systemic discrimination or marginalization.

How do I change my privacy policy on the Google Play store?

You can apply these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Play Console.
  2. Select your app.
  3. Select Store Listing.
  4. Add your Privacy Policy link for Android apps and click Save

Are all apps on Google Play Store legal?

The Google Play Store has a strict approval process before the app becomes accessible for download and installation.

Several of the against the law Android apps meant accepted and moved formerly popular. However, over there were claims and petitions that it causes harm and acquire against the law contents.

Is Google play can be a Google Play store?

  • The disagreement between the Google Play Store and the Google Store is really fairly simple.
  • The Play Store is for digital content applications while the Google Store is for physical products.
  • Google’s marketplace began with the Android Market. evolved to the Play Store. and by and by split to add the Google Store. 09-Feb-2021

What set of apps remain permitted on the play store?

Written by Rebecca Gornick. Google Play and the App Store are the places where we can search all kinds of applications for Android and iOS: messaging, games, utilities, dictionaries, music, etc.

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