Top 7 Health And Fitness Apps for Android

top health fitness app

In this article, we will understand the Top 7 Health And Fitness Apps for Android like  Calorie counter, Nike Run Club, HabitTracker, Money Lover, Forest, Alarm Clock with Loud Sounds – Alarmy, Sleep. In our daily routine. we have to add a Few Hours for our fitness. The below-mentioned apps help us to manage our time and routine easily but measure our fitness functioning.


Calorie counter

Being a Calorie counter member is like having a dietitian. Teacher. And teach at your fingertips.

The define of calorie counter app

This app offers Us to access the largest meals database to be control—over 14 million parts. still together with international foods and eating place gadgets.

Uses of this app:-

  • Log meals & interest – the modern system makes food & workout logging brief and easy.
  • Set goals – customize your weight. Nutrients & health dreams.
  • Song your progress – see these days’ development at a look. And analyze your vitamins & calories in detail.
  • Examine from experts– hit your desires quicker with everyday schooling from meal & workout plans.

Hidden feature:-

  • Biggest food database – log over 14 million food (including restaurant gadgets).
  • Speedy & smooth logging tools – type to appearance. Upload foods from your information.
  • Calorie tracker – routinely calculate power and spot We are every day’s development.
  • Macro tracker – automatic macro calculator shows carbs. Fats & protein breakdown via the use of gram and %.
  • Nutrients insights – analyze vitamin intake and set unique dreams for macros. Cholesterol. Sodium. Fiber & many extras.

Nike Run Club – Your best strolling companion

Nike Run club has the tools We need to run better. having GPS run monitoring; audio-guided runs; weekly. month-to-month. and custom distance challenges; customized training plans for your goals;

Latest option:-

  • full assist FOR ANDROID put on OS gadgets
  • track AND save RUNS
  • worldwide AND custom demanding situations
  • proportion RUNS WITH everyone

Smart Features:-

  1. SONG AND STORE run: Get the information We want need inclusive of pace. distance, GPS route, entire with audio feedback to preserve heading in the right direction.
  2. AUDIO GUIDED RUNS WITH NIKE COACHES AND ATHLETES: Get Guide. motivation. and inspiration via in-ear audio from Nike coaches. elite athletes.
  3. MOTIVATE YOUR SELF WITH DEMANDING SITUATIONS: join the Nike international network of runners in weekly and monthly distance demanding situations
  4. EDUCATION PLANS CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU: whether and not We want to get began. get fitter and get race-prepared, NRC has adaptive plans for your dreams and health level.
  5. Have fun with YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS WITH TROPHIES AND BADGES: Earn milestone badges and trophies for smashing personal bests like your quickest 5K and longest run.
  6. GET IN-RUN CHEERS FROM PALS: receive motivating in-run audio cheers from friends and ship them assist with cheers of your own.

HabitTracker – Reduce bad conduct out of your life

Habit is the maximum effective multi-platform associate to maintain the song of your everyday behavior and exercises. Whether We need to study some extra. stop smoking, begin working out, and maybe just track how many hours We wasted on Facebook. this app helps Us to do it!

Features use:

  • track multiple behaviors. repeated to do’s and dreams. every in its personal calendar
  • Streak counter and percent successful for every dependency
  • yes/No and range goals
  • Very flexible goals like several times per day/week/month. best on certain days of the week. and so on.

Key options-

  • Multi-device syncing
  • Cloud backup
  • Motivational images
  • Export to CSV
  • dark theme
  • Google healthy integration

How operate:-

  1. installation Habit tracker
  2. tell Habit app how We went for a day
  3. Watch your day by day streak boom

Money Lover – Price manager & budget Tracker

Money Lover is the high-quality option for solving all of your subjects. It is an all-in-one financial control app. such as tracking, budgeting, reporting, and making plans.

Latest Features:-
  • high-quality of 2017 Android App
  • Google top Developer
  • Editors‘ preference App
  • searching out a money supervisor app to clearly music your everyday
  • want to reduce general costs to shop more for wet days
  • need to better manage your credit card and pay off debts
KEY functions
  1. It’s far the planning stage to music non-public finance inclusive of prices (money management)
  2. You could price range particularly all of your spending conduct with an economic record (Reporting).
  3. The way to budgeting. We now have a finance assistant. It’s going to alert if We spend close to the finances limit and deliver day-by-day finances recommendation (Budgeting).
  4. It allows Us to adjust our spending quickly. then, predicts general charges primarily based on your history (Forecast budget).
  5. Developing intention-making plans now not only facilitates We track saving development with the piggy bank concept (intention wallet).
  6. Relieve pressure and tension with credit pockets. We may receive a reminder whilst payments are because of preserve an amazing (Credit Card wallet).
  7. Payments are coming. Don’t worry. Keep all in one location. Get the reminder and live on top of payments! (Invoice & routine transaction)


Forest – Live targeted

Plant a tree when We want to live targeted. If We decide to your task without getting distracted and your tree grows; If We can’t resist the temptation to apply your phone. your tree dies. Through the years, you’ll have a whole forest constructed out of your consciousness and dedication.

Features about this app:-

  • Break smartphone Habitant shape productive habits.
  • Earn rewards utilizing staying targeted and release adorable bushes!
  • Develop your very personal wooded area with each tree representing your efforts.
  • View your everyday/weekly/month-to-month/yearly progress and learn about your personal awareness behavior.
  • Focus on each day routine and manipulate ADHD.

Leaving the forest and the use of apps delivered to the allow list will now not kill your tree.

  • Classify your tasks with fragments and see how We shared your time.
  • Music your cellphone usage and screen time.
  • Compete with customers around the world.
  • Plant with friends – If considered one of We fails to live targeted. We will all get a dead tree!


Alarm Clock with Loud Sounds – Alarmy

Maximum-rated alarm clock app within the world. with 4.6 stars from over one million reviews!

The info about Alarm Clock with Loud Sounds – Alarmy App

Crazy loud ringtone sounds for heavy sleepers and night owls. as well as a gentle alarm clock. sounds for morning people who need to awaken without any worries

Free features:-

  • photo task – wake up and take a photo of the registered area to dismiss your alarm
  • Math mission– solve simple and superior math troubles and kickstart your brain
  • Barcode task– test the barcode and QR code We registered to turn the alarm off
  • Shake mission – Shake your phone up to 999 instances to awaken your body trial for top class


  • Awaken test- if We fear We may fall back asleep. fear no greater. wake up test will test on We till We prove you’re completely wakeful
  • Backup Sound- once in a while your alarm simply doesn’t get up. however, in fact, We look first on more lengthy. We get a 2d, very loud alarm

Hidden features:-

  • Time pressure- Get AI voice dictation of the exact time and a custom message every single minute till We turn your alarm off
  • Typing task – the kind a few motivational quotations into your keyboard to energize ourselves as We stand up
  • Step assignment– Get off the bed and take 10 and 20 but 50 steps to get shifting right away
  • check the modern-day temperature and pick your outfit for the day
  • customize by playing your personal music, songs and selecting background colors
  • Use Snooze / slow volume increase / Vibrate functions to wake up easily
  • short alarm for short duties that We could use while We do not have the least amount of time to set up

Sleep (As Android Sleep cycle smart alarm)

The description of Sleep App

Clever alarm clock with sleep cycle monitoring. Takes We lightly in the most beneficial moments for excellent mornings.


  • Sleep cycle monitoring with smart wake up makes use of your phone’s and wearable sensors (2 weeks trial and full model after a one-time / lifetime-buy)
  • Sonar: modern touch-less ultrasonic sleep monitoring (no want for the smartphone in mattress)
  • fitness services: Google fit and S fitness integration
  • clever bulb control with Philips HUE and IKEA Trader and others over IFTTT
  • Sleep score: your sleep exceptional is made of the period. deficit. deep sleep % and loud night breathing but performance irregularity.
  • slow nature sound alarms (birds, sea, typhoon…) and playlists
  • Nature sound lullabies (whales, storm, sea, chants..) with binaural tones for fast nod off
  • Spotify integration and online radio alarms and lullabies

Hidden option:-

  • Sleep speak recording. loud night breathing detection. and anti-loud night breathing
  • Jet lag prevention
  • Sleep breathing monitoring (Oximetry and Sonar and Sleep Passer)
  • Greater capabilities ready with a view to exploring!

Conclusion about Health Apps:-

This apps helps We want to research greater about yourself and your behavior. Enjoy empowered to make smarter alternatives every day

FAQ About This App:-

What is the use of a health tracking app?

Healthy can show Us information from lots of your favored apps and devices to give Us a holistic view of your fitness so that you’ll never lose track of your development.

Why do people use wellness apps?

Mobile apps now offer extra help around improving our wellness by way of permitting us to music health and health achievements from everywhere.

Additionally, they offer guidance on how to carry out particular workouts

Are health apps effective?

Sixteen among 20 studies said that applications have a high-quality impact on the focused health behaviors and clinical health results.

In addition, most of the studies, which tested the pleasure of members. confirmed health app users have a statistically great higher pleasure

Do health apps improve patient care?

Every other examine located that health apps improve the general patient revel in with higher communication and access to fitness data. short-term results, and standard pleasure.

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