Don’t use Android battery saver apps

Don’t use Android battery saver apps

If we talk about battery saver apps on android and iOS devices. Bad battery life isn’t something that just Harms iPhone users. Android users additionally wish that they could get more hours out of each charge of their smartphone.

And A.2ndroid developers have replied by creating apps that promise to give enhanced battery life.

But are they any good?

  • I know when I continue tested them a few years ago, I found them fairly useful. But a lot of things have changed in that time.
  • Over the past few times, I’ve been downloading and testing many popular, more importantly, well-liked “battery savers” in the Google Play Store.
  • I was mainly Captivating to see how much disagreement these apps composed when my test handsets were down to the endure 20 percent
  • battery life (which is when more importantly begin to trouble about battery life and desire to squeeze out as much runtime as possible).

I was disappointed. And the issues are many.

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The 1st situation is how many apps over there are. It’s distinctly a space that a lot of developers desire in on. Not a plight for me, but overwhelming for users casually seeing for an app.

there’s the reissue that more importantly apps either desire a rooted Android handset

  • need users to enter ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands to raise privileges to acquire get into use to more advanced features.
  • While nothing of the apps I tested shown heinous tendencies, raising privileges is a hazardous practice to motivate users to do,
  • it’s additionally a mission that’s farther various users.
  • For the sake of testing, I raised the privileges for apps that requested it.
  • Without this, the apps I tested did petite to nothing. Sure, the user interfaces were complete of promise, but they give little.


With raised permissions, the battery saver apps squeezed Android’s own Doze Mode and App Standby modes, invention these built-in options more aggressive.

While this did certainly have a determining effect on (more on that shortly), it additionally had a negative effect on performance.

I noticed lags, performance issues, and crashes, which I attribute to these apps pushing settings farther than what was deemed acceptable.

If you have a handset running a current version of Android,

I propose that you stick with the built-in Doze Mode and App Standby features. These do an excellent job of balancing battery life, performance, and stability.

Also, Android’s Battery Saver feature, which looks like the Low Power Mode on the iPhone, offers a grand way to stretch out the battery life when requires must.

Leave the Android battery management to Android.

To support you get more smartphone runtime:

Google additionally offers advice on how to make a smartphone’s battery endure for as much as possible:

­-Turn on Battery Saver mode

-Don’t do things that keep the shroud on for extended periods

-Avoid constant Wi-Fi/cellular/GPS/hotspot/Bluetooth connections

-Avoid processor-intensive applications (games and camera apps)

-Follow the overhead advice, bring a power bank, and protect yourself from time and hassle, and don’t annoy with the battery-saver apps.

FAQ battery saver apps

Do battery saver apps really work?


What apps run down your battery?

Games, display, and internet.

Does battery saver kill your battery?


Where is the battery saver app?

Use built-in feature.

Is it OK to turn on the battery saver all the time?


How do I keep my battery 100% healthy?

Discharge your battery every time after charge do not change the battery 100% every time.

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